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Your opinions matter to us. Connect House values the support and input of family members, residents, their relatives/friends and staff in order to maintain a quality and effective service.

On an annual basis questionnaires/surveys are given out to all three groups to comment on the service, facilities and operation of the home. Results are then reviewed and reflected upon before an action plan is created, circulated, implemented and evaluated. All person’s involved are provided with the results and these can also be found in our corresponding newsletter and on display within the home.

Residents meetings are held on a monthly basis and these are chaired by either Alex, our Well Being Lead, Linsey our Deputy Manager or Helen our Registered Manager. We host Relatives meetings three to six monthly to enable and support relatives to have a voice in the operation of Connect House.

Connect House also have a ‘Friends of Connect House’ committee which has a primary function of fundraising for our family members. However, it also plays a huge part in raising suggestions to improve the quality of care and service at Connect House.

A suggestion box is in the reception of Connect House for anyone who wishes to make a comment or suggestion about Connect House’s service.

Connect House
A Riber Crescent
Enjoy spacious, bright facilities to make you feel truly at home

Welcome to Connect House. Our care home in Nottinghamshire offers an outstanding level of care within a luxurious environment - take a virtual tour of Connect House here:



Connect House is set in the residential area of Basford close to shops, parks and a little further a field, Nottingham City Centre. We have good transport links and are a short 5 minute walk from Nottingham City Hospital.

Connect House, A Riber Crescent, Nottingham, NG5 1LP

0115 924 5467

[email protected]

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