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Kitwood Flower Approach


Professor Tom Kitwood was widely attributed to creating the person-centred care approach in the late 1980’s at Bradford University. He championed seeing the individual as more than their diagnosis of dementia, and encouraged care to be more reflective of the needs of the individual based on their identify, uniqueness, preferences and personhood. It is a way of caring for someone based on focussing on what they can do, rather than focussing on what they cannot.

Tom Kitwood developed a flower which illustrates the fundamental needs of each us as individuals. These are the flowers you see on our signs in the reception area as you enter each suite.


Everybody needs to be loved and to love someone; being loved and accepted is part of our need for survival. Love takes many forms – we may love another person, an activity, a hobby or we may have a religious commitment such as loving God. Most importantly we need to learn to love ourselves.


Feeling comfort is our need to be warm, dry and clean, having a full stomach and not feeling thirsty. Comfort also might mean to have quiet when we want or need it, to be free of pain, to have freedom to move, and to have a sense of closeness, being able to bond with others.


We all have the need for personal identity; from the clothes we chose to wear, to the food we prefer, and the way we like our hair. These are all identifying factors that help us and others identify with who we are.


Most of us want to be occupied with something to feel like we have worth and purpose in life. From being involved in daily activities, to engaging in a planned activities programme it’s important that the person is able to occupy themselves with meaningful things.


Inclusion means that we want to be a part of something. If we feel left out then it makes us feel bad. People living with dementia may lose track of conversation easily; being mindful of their feelings of inclusion is important.


Our connections in life are also crucial to our feelings of well being. Everyone wants to feel connected to something, or someone; often this is a combination of both. We also have a need to form wider attachments in our community , or in groups.

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