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Connect House has a variety of mechanisms in place to help protect our family Member’s well-being. This includes all entry and exit doors being alarmed to alert us to unauthorised access. The main entrance door to each suite has a key code pad to protect those Family Members who like to walk around the home. The main entrance to the home has a key code entry system to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to the home.

We have a range of nurse call systems in place including hand-held devices and PIR room sensors to detect movement for those at high risk of falls or for those who are unlikely or unable to use the hand-held call bells.

All those within Connect House can be assured they will be protected against abuse or mistreatment and Connect House upholds Article 3 or The Human Rights Act that no person shall be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment. Management hold a zero tolerance position in relation to all acts of abuse/mistreatment whether this be deliberate, through negligence or ignorance on behalf of the staff.

All staff are training in Safeguarding and the Human Rights Act (1998) during induction. Procedures are in place and guidance is given on “Whistle blowing” with policies in place and readily available within the home.

Any allegation of abuse/violence and mistreatment will be promptly investigated by the Management Team. If proven, appropriate action will be taken. This may include the dismissal of an individual employee. All details of the investigation will be documented and kept as evidence.

Where necessary, any member of staff dismissed and thought to be unsuitable to work with vulnerable elders will be referred to the Protection of Vulnerable Adults Register for consideration that they be black-listed.

Family Members are encouraged to have active participation in the decisions and choices made in the operation of Connect House and the day to day services and facilities.

Your legal rights will be upheld at Connect House and family members are registered on the list of electors. Family members will be given the opportunity to vote in both local and national elections. If you cannot easily participate with the voting process and express a wish to take part then you will be given every

Connect House
A Riber Crescent
Enjoy spacious, bright facilities to make you feel truly at home

Welcome to Connect House. Our care home in Nottinghamshire offers an outstanding level of care within a luxurious environment - take a virtual tour of Connect House here:



Connect House is set in the residential area of Basford close to shops, parks and a little further a field, Nottingham City Centre. We have good transport links and are a short 5 minute walk from Nottingham City Hospital.

Connect House, A Riber Crescent, Nottingham, NG5 1LP

0115 924 5467

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